Sewing with kids: A wallet for boys

boy holding wallet he made

My four year old has been begging me to help him make a wallet.  He picked out this truck fabric from Moda, and we picked out coordinating fabrics together. We didn’t use a pattern, but we looked at daddy’s wallet as an example and used its measurements. The wallet roughly measures 9 inches by 4 […]

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Easy Hair Bow Tutorial

I never thought I’d be making hair bows, but somehow they’ve become one of my favorite sewing projects.  Hair bows are so fun to sew because you don’t have to have a lot of fabric and they take less than 30 minutes from the time you start cutting out fabric to sticking the finished bow […]

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Telafante on YouTube!

Telafante has a YouTube channel!  I’ve been working like mad to get a few videos recorded and posted for you all, and I’ve finally finished a few.  The first two videos on the TELAFANTE channel guide you through the process of making leggings. Leggings are such a great project because everyone wears them, they’re fun […]

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DIY Scarf with Tassels

girl wearing scarf with tassels against brick wall

Need a super quick, super simple project?  Then, this DIY scarf with tassels is what you’re looking for!  There’s just a little sewing involved, and there’s so many great fabric choices out there to make this the perfect go to sewing project when you need a gift or just want to do a little sewing […]

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DIY Tassel

photo of yellow tassels

Who knew that tassels would be so fun to make!  They’re easy to customize to fit any project, and I’ve seen tassels on earrings, necklaces, scarves, key chains and clutches.  I decided to make a few this weekend with some yarn I had stashed away.  It’s Lion Brand Yarn that comes in little tiny skeins […]

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