DIY Tassel

photo of yellow tassels

Who knew that tassels would be so fun to make!  They’re easy to customize to fit any project, and I’ve seen tassels on earrings, necklaces, scarves, key chains and clutches.  I decided to make a few this weekend with some yarn I had stashed away.  It’s Lion Brand Yarn that comes in little tiny skeins perfect for little projects like this one.


For each tassel, you need the following supplies:


  • 3.5 yards of yarn for the main part of the tassel
  • one 18 inch piece of yarn in the same or contrasting color to wrap around main part of tassel
  • one 6 inch piece of yarn that your tassel will hang from when it’s finished


  1. With your continuous 3.5 yards of yarn, measure out 8 inches starting at one end, fold yarn around in the opposite direction and continue folding yarn back and forth until the entire 3.5 yards is folded and measures 8 inches long.
  2. Place your 6 inch piece of yarn in the center of the yarn you just folded, and tie a knot securely around the folded yarn. folded yarn with tie in center
  3. Pull the two ends of the knot up, so the folded yarn hangs on both sides of the knotted 6 inch piece of yarn.yarn hanging on either side of tie
  4. Take your 18 inch piece of yarn and wrap it around the main part of your tassel about 1/5 inch from the top of tassel.  Before you tie a knot to secure it, make sure you have enough yarn at the end to hang down evenly with the bottom of your tassel. Tie a knot and let the ends hang down.tassels-6 tassels-8 tassels-10
  5. Cut the loops at the bottom of your tassel and cut the ends to be even.  You can also cut the sides at an angle, if you don’t want your tassel to be even across the bottom.tassels-12

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