DIY Scarf with Tassels

girl wearing scarf with tassels against brick wall

Need a super quick, super simple project?  Then, this DIY scarf with tassels is what you’re looking for!  There’s just a little sewing involved, and there’s so many great fabric choices out there to make this the perfect go to sewing project when you need a gift or just want to do a little sewing for yourself.

girl wearing scarf with tassels against brick wall

I used this soft organic voile for the main part of my scarf, and the more you wash it, the softer it gets.  Paired with these bright tassels, the striped voile makes an awesome scarf to pair with any outfit.  You can make your own tassels with my easy to follow Tassel Tutorial.

photo of yellow tassels


  • 2 yards of fabric
  • four tassels

gold tassels laying on striped fabric


Step 1: Cut your fabric to make a 25 inch wide by 72 inch long rectangle.

Step 2: Fold the edges of your fabric in about 3/8 inch towards the wrong side of your scarf.  Then, fold the edges again about 1/2 inch.

tassels-15 tassels-16

Step 3: Sew your folded edges down with a 3/8 inch seam allowance stopping and starting about 1.5 inches from each corner to leave the corners open.

tassels-17 tassels-18

Step 4:  Fold your edges and tuck your tassels into each corner. Pin and sew your edges with tassels.  Make sure to catch the tassels in your seams when you sew to secure them well.

tassels-19 tassels-20girl wearing scarf with tassels against brick wall

Need some material suggestions?  Try using double gauze, voile or lightweight knits.  These fabrics wrap nicely without being too stiff around your neck, plus they feel wonderful!

Happy sewing!

girl wearing scarf with tassels against brick wall

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