Mama-Made Dresses

mother and daughter walking by ivy covered wall

How many dresses does one baby girl need?  Not sure, but I’m still sewing!  Seeing baby Kate wear all these Mama-made dresses is just the best.  Remember these two itty bitty ones? Hard to believe she was ever this tiny! These dresses are an adapted version of the A Bit of Stitch Rosie’s Dress Pattern.  […]

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Easy Hair Bow Tutorial

I never thought I’d be making hair bows, but somehow they’ve become one of my favorite sewing projects.  Hair bows are so fun to sew because you don’t have to have a lot of fabric and they take less than 30 minutes from the time you start cutting out fabric to sticking the finished bow […]

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FREE Reversible Diaper Cover Pattern

baby wearing reversible polka dot diaper cover

Back when Kate was only a few months old (she turned ONE on Sunday, eek!), I made all these reversible diaper covers.  Looking back at that cuddly little summer babe made me want to make a few more diaper covers.  I’ve been really into pairing them with a long sleeved onesie and tights underneath.  Talk […]

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Woodland Baby Shirt and Bloomers

These cute woodland themed fabrics keep popping up everywhere, and I have a really hard time resisting them.  Over the holidays, I had some extra time to sew and made Kate two woodland shirts and a pair of bloomers. This furry forest friends Japanese sheeting fabric is lightweight and makes a comfy baby shirt.  I […]

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Chambray Bloomers

I combined two of my favorites today while sewing: chambray and bloomers!  Bloomers have become one of the best things for me to sew for babies and toddlers, because they take about an hour to make cut to finish, and they look so cute with just a onesie or under a dress/long shirt. Of course, […]

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