Embroidered Floral Sweatpants

toddler reading book in embroidered sweatpants

Somehow we went straight from summer to winter here in the south.  I have no idea where this cold day came from, but I thought it was supposed to be fall!  I had to dig for some warm clothes for the kids and realized most of their warm stuff was too little.  Of course, my […]

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Butterfly Wings Pattern

toddler wearing butterfly wings in botanical gardens

Is it just me or are butterflies everywhere right now?  I’ve seen them on vintage inspired tea towels, embroidered on kids clothes, on fabrics and so many other places.  I never used to notice them too much outside our house, but we’ve been going on nature walks with the kids and see them all over […]

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Monogrammed Apron Tutorial

Two girls standing side by side wearing aprons.

Sewing for the sweet little cuties I know is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s always fun to think of little gifts to sew up for them when their birthdays come around each year.  Usually, their siblings get a handmade gift too, since I can’t just make pretties for one of them! These […]

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