Sewing Easy Felt Garlands

Felt garlands are some of my favorite things to make!  They’re perfect for pretty much any occasion, and you can reuse them over and over!  Sewing felt garlands are much easier than you would think!  All you have to do is pick out some pretty felt, cut out your patterns and sew them together!  I sewed up these cute pineapples and mushrooms the other day and knew they would be perfect for a little garland!


I used garland to decorate the hospital bassinet when my babies were born: stars for Kate and arrows for Des.  They also make great decorations for birthday parties, holidays and nursery decor. I ended up hanging the mushrooms and pineapples in Desmond’s room, and he’s pretty fond of them.


I’m totally not ready for summer to be over, so I made these pineapples to keep summer around a little longer!  Aren’t they the cutest!  The felt I used is from Prairie Point Junction, and it’s wonderful!


To make the pineapples

You can make three pineapples with just one 12 inch x 18 inch piece of each felt color: mellow yellow, pea soup green and blue spruce green. You will also need a 12 inch x 18 inch piece of background felt that you will sew you pineapple pieces to.

Download pattern pieces here.

Step 1: Cut out your pineapple body in yellow.
Step 2: Cut out leaves in your two greens.  You can use as many leaves as you wish, but I used 6-7 for each pineapple.
Step 3: Arrange your leaves the way you want on a piece of 5 inch x 12 inch piece of your background felt color and pin them down.
Step 4: Pin your pineapple body to the background felt, so the top of your pineapple is covering the bottom end of your leaves.

Step 5: Pin the top of your pineapple down out of the way and sew your leaves to the background felt.  You can use thread the same color of your felt or just one neutral color.

Step 6: Sew your pineapple and leaves around the outer edge about an 1/8 inch from the edge and then sew your diagonal lines on your pineapple body.

Step 7: Trim the background fabric even with your pineapple.

To make the mushrooms


I used this felt bundle for my red mushrooms and the neutral colors in the bundle for the background of both the pineapples and mushrooms!

Download pattern pieces here.

Step 1: Cut out your mushroom top in red or this yellow.
Step 2: Cut out your polka dots and stems.  You can use the neutral colors in the bundle or one of the greens from your pineapple leaves.
Step 3: Pin your stem and mushroom top to the background felt with the top of the stem tucked under the bottom of the mushroom.  Sew the mushroom top to the background felt around the edge.  Sew the stem to your background felt.  You can outline it or sew vertical lines up and down the stem.

Step 4: Sew your dots to your mushroom.
Step 5: Trim the background fabric even with your mushroom.


To make the arrows


Download pattern pieces here.

Step 1: Place two pieces of 4 x 4 inch felt on top of each other.
Step 2: Pin the pattern to the top through both layers.
Step 3: Sew around the pattern.  Start on the bottom or side of the design and sew all the way around.  Make sure to sew over your starting point a few times and backstitch to make sure your stitches don’t come out.
Step 4: Cut on the outside of your stitching line.  Make sure you do NOT cut on top of your stitches or they will unravel.  I like to trim the excess felt off just under 1/8 inch from the stitching line.

arrows 1-1 arrows 1-2garlands-12

You can string your felt shapes together with baker’s twine and a sharp needle with a big eye.  If you’re careful, you can run the twine just through the background layer of your shapes.


The felt from Prairie Point Junction is quality felt made from a blend of wool and rayon.  It holds up great for many uses and keeps its shape nicely.  They do an excellent job of combining coordinating felt into perfect little bundles great for making felt garlands.  You can customize any of these garlands to fit the color style you need!



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