London Calling Lawn Dress

toddler wearing floral dress standing in garden

When Kate turned two this year, Gramma aka Evy from A Bit of Stitch made her a “ballerina” dress.  It’s not your typical ballerina dress with the tulle and twirl, (don’t worry – she has tons of those too…) but it’s a sweet lawn dress with blue flowers on it to match her baby blue […]

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Linen Pinafore

There’s really nothing more darling than a little linen pinafore dress.  I made a few for Kate when she was itty bitty, and I could barely stand the cuteness then.  In case you missed it before, the tutorial is super quick and easy. Now that she’s older, I wanted to make her a new one […]

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Charm Box Quilt

Solid color block quilt in bright colors

I had so much fun participating in the Single Wedding Ring blog hop with the Fat Quarter Shop that I jumped at the chance to join in their Charm Box Quilt blog hop too! The FREE Charm Box Quilt Pattern is available on their website.  The instructions for piecing the top of the quilt are […]

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Single Wedding Ring Block Tote Bag

What’s better than a Single Wedding Ring Block?  A Single Wedding Ring Block tote bag with linen! I had one unfinished Single Wedding Ring Block sitting on my sewing table and decided to keep this one for myself.  Since I didn’t have anymore frames, I turned this one into a tote bag.  Obviously, you can […]

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Boxy cosmetic bag tutorial

Remember this adorable boxy cosmetic bag?  It was such a fun project that has already made two great gifts!  My sister-in-law over at Wit and Spice had a birthday coming up, so I decided to make one for her.  And since I was making another, I thought I’d work on that boxy cosmetic bag tutorial I promised. […]

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