London Calling Lawn Dress

toddler wearing floral dress standing in garden

When Kate turned two this year, Gramma aka Evy from A Bit of Stitch made her a “ballerina” dress.  It’s not your typical ballerina dress with the tulle and twirl, (don’t worry – she has tons of those too…) but it’s a sweet lawn dress with blue flowers on it to match her baby blue […]

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Linen Pinafore

There’s really nothing more darling than a little linen pinafore dress.  I made a few for Kate when she was itty bitty, and I could barely stand the cuteness then.  In case you missed it before, the tutorial is super quick and easy. Now that she’s older, I wanted to make her a new one […]

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Dressing Baby Girl

It feels a little strange having to switch gears from sewing for a little boy to sewing for a little girl, but as it turns out the transition was a lot easier than I imagined!  Sewing for this baby girl has been so much fun! Over the holidays while Des slept, he shared his Gramma […]

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