Scrappy pillow

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On Saturday morning, my mom and I decided to try our hand at making a scrappy pillow.

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I pulled out a bunch of my scraps that I thought went well together, and then weeded some out when we started laying them out next to each other. Next, we started sewing strips and squares of fabrics together. We didn’t measure the strips or squares, but just sewed groups of 3-5 pieces together.  We had a nice system going, one of us pieced scraps together, while the other manned the sewing machine.  We used the sweet little Babylock Sofia for all our scrappy sewing.

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Then, we cut them into strips that were made up of more than one type of fabric.

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Next, we trimmed the sewn pieces to make the edges straight and mixed and matched our new strips/squares together to create a new block.

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(A realistic view of my sewing table while I work…  I figure, if it doesn’t look messy, nothing is getting accomplished.)

We continued to sew pieces together until we had one large piece that was about 18 by 17.75 inches.  We trimmed it down to make it exactly 17.75 by 17.75.  (We were going for 19 by 19 inches for an 18 inch pillow, but came up short and went with one slightly smaller.  It ended up fitting a slightly older squashed 18 inch pillow anyways.).

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It was fun to use up scraps of fabrics that I really liked from previous projects and plan to make another one soon!  It did get a little frustrating towards the end when we were trying to use up the last of our scrappy strips, but having a goofy sewing partner around always helps!  Such a fun mother-daughter sewing day!

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