Polka dot deer wreath

A few days ago I was browsing The Paper Mama blog, and I came across this fantastic DIY project.  Now, I’m not usually a big wreath person, but this is quite easily the cutest wreath I have ever seen.  I mean who doesn’t love pom poms and deer?  I chose to include a baby deer and a mama deer instead of the trees (only because I forgot to buy the trees and didn’t have time to drive all the way back to the store).  I’m so happy about this project, and it makes me smile every time I walk in the door!

All you need to make this sweet wreath is the following:

– a Styrofoam wreath (or any other type of wreath)

– a glue gun with lots of extra glue sticks (if you go glue crazy like me)

– pom poms

– moss

– one or two little deer (and bottle brush trees if you wish)



– glue your moss onto your wreath

– glue on your pom poms

– glue in your deer and trees

{You can see The Paper Mama directions here.}


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