Free download: Mini 2015 calendar!

mini calendars bw (1 of 1)

Hope your new year is off to a fantastic start!  You’re probably tired of people saying how wonderful 2014 was, and how they hope 2015 will also be great, well… It was, and let’s hope. Here’s a free download gift from me to you to start your new year off.  It’s just a day late, but that’s what happens when you think of creating mini calendars on December 29th!

mini calendars color (4 of 1)

mini calendars color (1 of 1)

These mini calendars are little enough that you could find a spot for them in any room of the house.  I love the simple design and the “stitches” that go across the top.  (I had to throw some “sewing” in there!) If you wanted, you could take some thick thread and sew across the stitches.  It would add pretty texture to each page!

mini calendars bw (2 of 1)

They are available for download in either black and white or color.  Just click on the one you prefer or download both!

Download the mini calendars in color here

Download the mini calendars in black and white here

mini calendars color (3 of 1)Happy New Year!


Note: There are trim marks in the PDF to help you cut the calendars to the appropriate size.  Printing on cardstock will give you a nice, crisp look!

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