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Photo 43: My aunt is quite the knitter.  Somehow she manages to sit down and knit a scarf within a day or so.  I do good to get a scarf done once a year!  She’s famous for her chunky scarves with big buttons, and she was sweet enough to make me one (two actually).  They’re great for cold, windy days like today!  Thanks Darlene!

Photo 44:  I know you’re thinking…. Wait.  You listen to opera?  Well… my dad (the romantic) has always liked watching this opera/movie and listening to the music and it kind of grew on me.  I was so excited when I found this record at Goodwill not too long ago, and even though I don’t understand French, it’s still fun to listen to.

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  1. That record cover caught my eye as you probably knew it would!!! My favorite Opera. Love that bullfight music. (Remember the corridas in Spain?) Brings out my Spanish blood. 🙂 I’ll have to check out that old record next time I come over.

    Loved the picture!!

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