One of these days I’ll actually get around to posting something other than my 365 posts…  My sewing room beckons me every time I walk by, but I have to ignore it for now.  School work and snowboarding trips keep getting in the way, but next weekend is a four day weekend and I plan on sewing for four days straight.

For now, I hope you enjoy these 365 pictures.

day 32 edit day 33 edit day 33-2 edit day 34 edit day 34-2 editWe spent last weekend at a cozy cabin in Boone, NC with some friends and cousins.  There was plenty of snow for my southern self, but it made it really pretty to snowboard in.  Sunday we relaxed at the cabin and enjoyed delicious blueberry and vanilla bean scones with tea and coffee.  Driving in the “little” snow and ice that we encountered, reminds me that I would never survive in areas with “real snow.”  I think I’ll stay in the sunny South.  K-thanks.
day 36 edit day 37 edit day 38 edit day 39 editOops… I didn’t get a picture for day 35.

We had pizza on Naan for supper on day 36, and it was fantastic.

Our Domo was looking particularly happy on Wednesday night, so I decided he was 365 worthy.

Zachary always looks cute when he wears his Clarks boots.

Everyone needs a sky picture in their 365 post at some point.


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  1. Yay, love these! I’m not biased at all since I participated in half of them lol. I forgot to tell you I’ve been loving your blog, especially the photos! 🙂

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